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nasty gal wish list

I loooove Nasty Gal. I think you've probably all come to realize this over the past [almost] four years. Whenever I tell my mom, "I might get it off of Nasty Gal." She gives me the straaangest look. While it's not the most "parent-friendly" name, the site has some of the best pieces.

Here is my wish list as we make our way into fall.
Keep in mind, Fall is like spring weather in Arizona.

After Party Vintage Eline Romper
Warm and Fuzzy Skirt 
For the Love of Mod Boot
After Party Vintage Sianna Dress
Turn It Up Loose Floral 
Nope Tee


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  1. I love Nasty Gal! And I can totally relate to receiving strange looks from people when mentioning the name.


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