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We Are Having Another Baby!

I am so beyond happy to be writing this post announcing that we are having another baby! We are so over the moon. If you want to see the video of us finding out, click here.

Matt and I felt pretty confident that we were ready for another baby, but we were trying to nail down the timing with his new job/benefits/paternity leave...you know, adult factors. Maybe we were overthinking it. Anyways, we tried one time before thinking we should wait another 2 months.

The two weeks following, I had this gut feeling that I was pregnant. I just knew. I kept it to myself though. Since I took an Early Result Pregnancy Test with Jaxin and it was positive, I thought I'd try it again. I took one test - negative. I took another one a few days later - negative. I took another one a few days later (two days before my expected period) - negative. I was disappointed, but even though they were all saying "no," I was still convinced that I was pregnant.

My menstrual cycle is like clockwork. Aunt Flow comes the same day every month. So when she didn't arrive, I went to the store to get more tests. I peed in a cup, stuck the test in and waited. I felt excited, anxious, and also worried that my instincts were way off. They weren't! The test was positive - and the three after that were positive. You know, I had to be sure.

You can see my reaction and Matt's (who was totally unaware of anything) in the video I mentioned. The shock of it all wore off after a week. We didn't realize what fertile myrtles we were, but we are feeling beyond blessed for it. I look back at how meticulously we were timing everything and just laugh because everything happens for a reason. The universe has it's own timing.

We do know that we are having a baby GIRL! We always dreamed of having a boy and a girl, but obviously a healthy baby was of the utmost importance. Another boy would have been wonderful too!
We found out early through a noninvasive prenatal screening test that reveals your baby's risk for genetic disorders as early as nine weeks, along with the gender. You can ask your doctor about it, but I also know there are other tests like the SneakPeek test that you can take too. I had my blood drawn on a Monday and the following Monday the results were in! They told me over the phone that the baby was low risk for everything (so thankful), but they put the gender information in an envelope for me to pick up.
I didn't have a feeling of what we were going to have until right before we found out, which was what happened with Jax too. With him, it didn't hit me until right before our 19 week ultrasound. This time, I was waiting for Matt to come home to open the envelope, and I just had a feeling come over me that it was a girl.

We sat on the couch, just us two, and were soooo anxious. We kept saying, "Should we open it?" "No, we can't do it!" Finally, I tore it open and unfolded the paper and we read "FEMALE." We burst into tears and hugged and just had so much excitement. It was such a special moment! I didn't film it because I just wanted to be present and soak that moment in. Sorryyy guys.

That is the journey so far. It's been so hard keeping it a secret, since we've known for almost two months now. BUT, the secrets out and I have more blog posts coming. I hope you're excited.



  1. Yay!! Baby girls are SO fun!! So excited for you and your family!!!

  2. I am so happy for your growing my family!!! Jaxin is going to be a big brother!!!! Congratulations to you both! Having a girl and boy so close in age is just wonderful...a little tough in the beginning but ohhh so worth it!!! Sending lots of positives for a healthy pregnancy❤️

  3. So happy for you and Matt that your family is growing. It’s a beautiful feeling. Congrats and have a safe and healthy pregnancy. ❤️


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