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abercrombie loungewear wish list

I haven't shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch since high school, so like over fifteen years ago. I totally just aged myself for dramatic effect. I decided to pop in recently when I was at the mall and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of A&F verbiage on their shirts. Instead, I found a lot of basics that were great quality. I ended up getting a pair of bike shorts (that are the most buttery things I've ever put on) and then headed home to check out their website, which has wayyyyy more of a [dangerous] selection.

I'm way into loungewear at the moment, as I think everyone has been for quite some time. I put together a wish list of matching sets that I currently have my eye on, including the shorts I mentioned, but in a different color. I also included this long sleeve boyfriend tee that I recently purchased. It's so comfy and perfect for over leggings or bike shorts.




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