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Reading has become a part of my every day routine, typically early mornings or during the kids' nap time. It's my little getaway for the day. Anyone else relate? I wanted to share some of my recent reads.

Girls Like Us. Matt gave me this book for Christmas. It is a thriller, which I love! It follows an FBI agent who is investigating murders on Long Island, and soon realizes her dad could be the prime suspect. I went through this one pretty quickly because there was a lot of suspense and it kept me asking "whodunnit?" I also really liked it because it had a strong female character.

The Nightingale. I cried several times during this one. It is a historical fiction set during WWII. It follows two French sisters through the years, as they follow very different paths. One, fighting for France's freedom. The other, doing what she has to protect her family. It may have a slow start, but then the pace really picks up. There are many heartbreaking moments. All in all, it was refreshing to see war from the women's perspective.

One Day. This is one I had on my bookshelf that I had never finished. I don't know why I didn't because I really enjoyed it on the second go. It follows two best friends through the years. Each one of them experiences life's ups and downs, successes, and setbacks. All the while, you're just rooting for them to be together, but there are many missed opportunities and bad timings. I felt like I really knew the characters, which really brought the story to life for me.

Valley of the Dolls. This is another one I had on my bookshelf that I never finished. This a considered a pop-culture classic. It's based in 1945 and follows three different women as they navigate show business, relationships, drugs, and the rise and fall of stardom. I cringed at some of the writing, not going to lie. It was definitely written in a different time. Aside from that, it was kind of entertaining because the characters are really shitty people.

Such a Fun Age. I went through this one very quickly. It tells the story of a Emira, young black woman accused of kidnapping, while babysitting the white child of the other main character, Alex. It sort of snowballs from there, as you see how these characters are intertwined. The writing is simple and easy to digest, yet it presents the difficult realities of racism and white savior complex. It's strange how it was such a breeze to read. I think I was expecting more of an emotional connection. Also, the dialogue wasn't my favorite.

I am currently reading Everything I Never Told You. I'm not getting through it as quick as others, but I don't blame the book. I blame "mom life." I'll keep you posted!


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