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favorite learning activities for my kids

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Since it's summer time, we spend a LOT of time indoors. That's just Phoenix living. The kids and I get a bit stir crazy, so I try to keep them entertained in more of an educational way. Don't get me wrong, there are still lots of movies and popcorn - but I try to balance it out.

I thought I would share some of my favorite learning activities that my kids are into.

We love anything from Priddy Books. Their First Word books have been some of my kids' favorites. They're simple with colorful, real photography. Besides their books, they have tons of activities. Their Pen Control books are easy to clean off and use again and again. Jax practices his grip while practicing lines, shapes, letters, numbers, etc. Lately, we have been loving their Sticker books (Colors, First Words, Animals). The kids practice their fine motor skills, matching skills, and we extend on their speech. It's cool because their photography is the same throughout their products, so its gives some familiarity for my kiddos.

I have to mention Lovevery. We have several of their play kits and the kids always gravitate to their toys. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to have on display, they are also made from sustainable and organic materials. Obviously the kids don't care what their toys look like or are made of, but it's an added perk for parents. Their play kits are age-based, so it really hones in on skill sets your little ones should be focusing on. It truly is playtime with purpose! There are so many ways to use their toys too. My kids teach me new ways to use their toys. There is a lot of room for imagination and learning. I recommend Lovevery to anyone and everyone.

I can't recommend learning through role playing enough. Our toy kitchen has been a huge hit for the kids. I bought this one from IKEA and gave it a little makeover. It gives me so many opportunities to not only practice new words and conversation, but also real life lessons - patience, sharing, nurturing.

In summer time, if we are outside then we are playing with water. The kids grandparents got them a sand and water table (I linked a similar one). It keeps them busy for a really long time. They practice their motor skills and learn early physics concepts, like how water moves. Bonus, it keeps them cool on a hot day!

Puzzles are always fun too! The kids and I love the Melissa & Doug wooden peg puzzles. They are well made, not too complicated, and have tons of fun themes. The kids practice their matching skills, fine motor skills, and words.

These are my standout activities that my littles love and really engage in. I'd love to hear from you! What learning toys do your kids love playing with the most?

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