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Who wouldn't want squeeze him all the time?
After a four-day trip to Tinsel Town this past week, a lot of new found aspirations came into realization. It may have been the perfection of weather, holding my baby nephew, star-spotting (or more so staring in awe at Adrian Grenier), the fashion, or the excitement of being somewhere new that brought about the itch to make California my new home. 
Or perhaps I need a change. I've lived in the same place all of my life, and while I love the desert and the friends I have grown so fondly attached to, I feel as though something is missing. So, why not go look for it?

The career hunt has officially begun, and there are more opportunities outside my little bubble of a world than I could have ever imagined. Really, the possibilities are endless, and I'm excited to explore them all in a new city.

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