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As mentioned in my reaping rewards, the support I receive from my family and friends is an incredible feeling, one that encourages me every day. I am so fortunate to have the people in my life that hold me and my goals together, especially my daddy. I barely told him about Shine or Set just yesterday, as I wanted it to be perfect. Receiving this e-mail today made me realize I don't need to strive for perfection, I just need to strive, and he will be ever so proud.

"Hi Sweetheart. You really surprised me when you told me about your new project. I took the time today to look at the wonderful website you created and was filled with enormous feelings of pride.Your creative writings on so many different subjects were amazing to me, and in-between-the lines I could not help but to feel your love, honesty, and most of all your determination to continue to create your dreams on becoming a creative writer, even against all the ups and downs you have had to endure since graduation. All you wrote about was powerfully positive, and in these times with so much happening in the world that we all find our selves in, it's very inspirational and we all need to be inspired. Personally, you've touched my spirit in such ways that words could not come close to expressing the gratitude I have for being so blessed to be your father.Your loving kindness and your compassion are extremely evident in all you do and all that you have done. You've created such great karma in your life that I know you will reach all that you have dreamed. Thank you for inspiring me and for making me so very happy to be your dad. Through all ups and downs, I'm always at your side.

Always all my love,
Our favorite spot.


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