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I dare say that I have a case of style schizophrenia. I can go from boho chic, to classic, to grunge all in just one day, or I will mix them all together. The next day I will be on to three or four other styles. It may confuse some, but I like my different sides. It's too much fun playing dress-up to be limited to certain pieces. I thought this way as a little girl too. My trunk of play things had everything from folklorico dresses, to hula skirts, to sequin ballgowns. Thankfully, I don't wear any of those things today. Unless, there is a theme party and I miraculously still fit in my kindergarten threads.

Now days, my 22-year-old self likes to dabble in more grown up clothing. I draw inspiration from everything, which makes my closet question why it contains such a colorful medley of items. When my inspiration has run out, I resort to these lovely ladies to pull ideas from. They are my muses, and the reason I am a schizo when it comes to looks.

Edie Sedgwick
Sadly taken away from us too soon, she left her mark. I adore her simple, sartorial style because it allowed her vibrant personality to be the center of attention. I go to her for tailored pieces, false lashes, winged eyeliner, statement jewelry, and simple pieces.

Jane Birkin
Bless her heart for the Birkin bag, which I hope to afford someday. It's more than that, though. I love how she was carefree in her dress, yet sexy at the same time. The epitome of understated bohème. I go to her for mini dresses, comfy jeans, white tees, untouched hair, and high boots.

Chloë Sevigny
She is so funky and so polished. I am green with envy over her wardrobe. It's eclectic, eccentric, vintage. There are too many words to describe her style, so let's just go with fab. I go to her for floral dresses, shorts, over-sized tees, killer shoes, and red lips.

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