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dinner for one

Typically, when single on Valentine's Day, I tend to load up on chocolates, margaritas, and a good boy bashing. Not a good combination (ask my girlfriends about V-day '07).

However, this year I found myself without one bitter thought or feeling in my head or heart. Instead I found them filled with contentedness. I was happy to be my own Valentine. I even debated buying myself some flowers at the grocery store, where the holiday seemed to have thrown up everywhere.

I had my plans (mentioned in "V-day, friend or foe?") in full swing at eight-o-clock last night. With a glass of wine, I had my dinner menu coming to life: Spinach, tomato, and mozzarella salad, this amazing garlic and chive pasta that I purchased at the Farmers Market in L.A., shrimp, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, followed by berries and honey for dessert. It turned out to be a tasty treat.

Most couples head to the movies after dinner, so I watched Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles with my furry little compadre. May I just say, Molly Ringwald is, and will forever remain, my ultimate girl crush. It could be her fiery red hair and fascinating wardrobe. Or it could be that she's easy to relate to, whether she's staring in mild horror at Duckie's impression of Otis Redding, or cussing at the fact her family forgot her birthday.

All-in-all, it was a Valentine's Day I won't forget because I had the most special date of all...myself.

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