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After chatting with my pops the other day, I was thrilled to hear that an animal rescue had started up in San Carlos, Mexico, where he lives. Seriously, my heart melted and my grin could not get any bigger. 

Visiting there when I was younger, I wanted to scoop up every stray and take him/her home to nurse back to health, train, and keep. That probably would have led to hundreds of dogs and a concerned parent. I probably would have a segment on Confessions: Animal Hoarding. In all honesty, I am probably headed down that route anyways with how much I am obsessed with dogs. It's a little embarrassing, to the point where I definitely cry during those ASPCA commercials back tracked with Willie Nelson or Sarah McLachlan.

The circumstances for stray dogs in Mexico has been an unfortunate one, but it's city's organizations, such as the San Carlos Animal Shelter (http://www.sancarlosanimalshelter.com/), that are going to make a difference. My favorite part about this shelter is that euthanasia isn't an option, no matter what. The main thing is finding these precious pups (some pictured below) a home.

It's these ideas and movements that make me fear for the world a little less.

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