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My favorite place to shop is Free People. Maybe I'm biased because I work there, but I highly doubt it with all their amazing pieces. Their February catalog is out, and it's the first thing I grabbed out of my mailbox. That always happens. My eyes focus in, and my brain says "Must. Have. Now." It continues to say that as I flip through the pages.

I especially liked this issue because it showed us the four Free People girls: Meadow, Ginger, Candy, and Lou. They each have their unique style, which I think is a clever concept for the brand. 

Based on what I purchased (below), I'm a mix between Meadow and Ginger, but I like Lou's laid back style. Guess I need to shop more, so I can be a smorgasbord of all three.
Really, how could I not have these red Dolce Vita shoes?

Perfect for Spring.


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