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a dress fit for a tomboy

Something borrowed and something blue aren't really items that are necessarily in my near future. Yet, walking down the aisle isn't something that hasn't been dreamed up in my head. Just because I rushed home from school as a kid to watch Ninja Turtles, there were those days I would beg to play at my best friend, Sarah's house because she had Pretty Ponies. Of course, I enjoyed her company too. Bless her heart for letting me brush those pink and purple manes while trotting them around her room. She's still my very dear friend to this day. I think the plastic ponies really formed a bond between us.

The point being, there is a girly side to every tomboy. And with a girly side comes a romantic side. Let's just say the ponies fell in love, which led to watching movies capturing the idea of fate, finding the one, losing the one, finding them again, and then marriage (Sounds so simple, right?). This led to countless attempts at "true" love, and when that failed, at least there was TLC's Say Yes to the Dress and a cookie to keep me company. This all leads up to amusingly reading bridal magazines with my mom in Barnes and Noble this evening. All of this is leading up to a point, which is my really frilly adoration with Anthropologie's bridal line, BHLDN. A tomboy, turned hopeless romantic, got weak in the knees over the mere sight of their dresses.

While I won't be slipping into one of these any time soon, at least there are a few to choose from if I go to a ceremony...as a guest. Hint, hint coupled up friends. I want to wear one of these.

So yes, this Lego-lovin' child does have some rather whimsical fantasies floating up in her head, the groom's face is just blurred out...for now.

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