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I wanted to thank everyone for the tremendous support I have received since launching this site. The feedback through e-mails, phone calls, tweets, and comments has been so motivating and encouraging. It's just a reminder of how worth pursuing my life goal is.

I came home this evening to find so many wonderful surprises. Finally, the site gained enough recognition to come up on Google search under "Shine or Set", which is so thrilling. Now it won't be so hard to find. Also, the Twitter page has received such fabulous responses along with re-tweets, most recently from Free People. I'm smiling so big, I just may burst.

To get my words and ideas out there has been something I merely imagined as a little girl. Never without a book in hand or without a pen and paper, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, which is write. This site allows me to do so, while reaching out to those willing to read.

So, thank you for being a part of this little girl's dream becoming a reality.

More grateful than you will ever know,
Brianna Sky

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