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Every now and then we are graced with those lucky days that are miraculously filled with our favorite people. For me, yesterday was one of those days.

What started out with an early work morning, led to a yummy brunch with one of my best girlfriends, also one of the most sarcastically funny people you will encounter. It's been awhile since we've spent some time together due to our busy schedules. And, boy do I mean busy on her part. She's in nursing school, which I'm in incredible awe over the things she's capable of doing/learning.

Absence couldn't have stopped us from falling back into our patterns. Our meal was filled with chit-chat, and giggles that brought tears to our eyes and just about made it impossible to keep from spitting out our drinks. I am sure our mimosas and bloody marys played a small part in that equation. I couldn't have asked for a better lunch date. Or a better meal for that matter. An odd smorgasbord of doughy banana nut muffins, chilaquiles, chips and salsa, and sorbet entered our tummy's that afternoon.

The evening brought even more dear friends into my life. Cozied up in sweaters at our favorite bar, we ordered glasses of our favorite brewskies, shuffled up some cards, and played some childhood games...and then some not-so-PG games. Either way, it brought out the kids in our twenty-something selves.

I realized while snuggled up in our dimly lit booth where plenty of others have made their own memories, whether chowing down on burritos, spilling drinks, or dancing on the tables, that we ingrained a memory of our own. While it may not be a wild one, I remember sitting there looking at those around me whom I adore with all my heart, and thinking this is something I will not forget. It's not what you do, it's more so who you're with. My dearest friends, some Kilt Lifter, and a deck of 52 little pieces of paper sounds just perfect to me.

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