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makin' me blush

It's no secret that I hoard cosmetics. My bathroom drawer has a pretty hefty amount, all organized by type. If a friend is over and needs to touch up, that's just fine, as long as she puts the brush back in its proper spot. I tend to have those OCD moments, but they understand my kooky behaviors (ie: a color-coordinated closet and a never un-made bed).

One of my favorite make up products in my tidy drawer is blush. With so many colors and textures to choose from, it's easy to put a rosy glow on them apples. Listed below are my four favorite blushes that live comfortably in my drawer, right next to their neighbors, bronzers.

What's great about multiple purpose tints, is that it saves you money. You have a lip stain, eye shadow, and a blush all in one. What's better than that? The Multiple by NARS is a creamy, easy to apply, sheer tint. I really like the muted shimmer that adds a little oomph. Orgasm is my absolute favorite shade, in their lip gloss too. Another multiple purpose blush is Posie Tint by Benefit. A liquid-based tint in the pinkest of pinks, makes for easy blending. Just make sure to blend quickly, so it doesn't stain your cheeks, eyes, or lips upon application.  I notice that it seeps into the skin, so it stays on all day.

If you like the traditional powder blush, then Benefit's Coralista is a gorgeous, shimmery coral color that looks good on any skin tone. An added bonus is that it smells scrumptious! The adorable leopard box doesn't hurt either. It is pretty sheer, so sometimes I swipe a little over my Orgasm application. For a shimmer-free blush that doesn't need a lot of application. It's matte texture shows up easily and gives a mocha/rosy glow, rather than a pink color.
The Multiple in Orgasm

Posie Tint
by Benefit
by Benefit
Fleur Power
by MAC

So don't wait for some guy to make you blush with a compliment. Give yourself your own flush of color with some pink-y products.


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