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I am a little behind in cinematic viewing these days, and by behind I mean behind. I just barely saw The Social Network this past weekend, and still have yet to see Blue Valentine or Black Swan. I did see The Fighter, though. Congratulations to Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, who completely deserved their Oscars.

Since I didn't know much about the movies up for those little gold men, the best part of the Academy Awards was the red carpet. There were a few lovely ladies that had me applauding...

Mila Kunis

This Elie Saab lavender dress looks stunning on this beauty. I love the lace details. While it is low-cut, it's still classy. She has the perfect petite frame to show off this dress.
Michelle Williams

 Always looking so timeless. This pixie-headed actress doesn't need a whole lot. Her shimmery white dress is simple, yet beautiful. Chanel does her body good.
Hilary Swank

Reese Witherspoon

This karate kid always looks so ravishing. She went all out tonight in shimmer and feathers, but kept everything else simple. This Gucci Premiere gown found a gorgeous gal to adorn.

 I surprisingly loved this simple, black and white ensemble on our beloved blondie. She effortlessly made this Armani PrivĂ© dress a winner. That fit bod sure helped. I especially like her bouffant ponytail.
Camila Alves


I thought this black Kaufman Franco dress was extremely elegant. The plunging neckline, cinched waist, and skirt made this bombshell stand out even more. Mr. McConaughey is a lucky, lucky man.

Rhea Durham

Towering over her handsome hubby, I actually really liked her funky Naeem Khan dress. The sparkly daisy top and red skirt were a good combo in my book. I will take a shorter version, please. Oh, and your man as well.

 ...there were also a few ladies that had me questioning their vision (cough, Nicole Kidman, cough). You might ask why I didn't slyly say Helena Bonham Carter's name while clearing my throat. Well, I don't even raise a brow to that rad kook of a woman. She is who she is, does what she does, and wears what she wears, while not giving a rat's behind about anyone's opinion. I admire that.

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