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There are far few better things then warming up my chilly fingers with a mug of hot tea, and watching the rain leave little wet freckles on the ground outside my window. In today's rare Arizona storms, I am lucky enough to do just that. For me, it's not just the heavy, gray clouds or the smell of rain that gets me. It's more of the way it reminds me of London. The summer before last I ventured on a plane that took me 5,278 miles away from anything and anyone remotely familiar, where I settled down in the beautiful city. I was fortunate enough to call it my home for two months.

On days like these, which were much more common there, I would crack open the window in my flat, replace this tea with cider, and scribble down thoughts in my leather-bound journal. There was a lot to say when exploring a new place, especially when you made dear friends to roam it with.

On chilly days we warmed up in pubs with our scarves and Strongbow, spent our pounds at Topshop, and often crammed around our little dining sets to sip glasses of wine, chat, and sometimes even have impromptu karaoke. On sunnier days we would lay blankets out in the park to soak up some warmth and color in our skin, and spend our pounds outdoors at the Portobello and Camden markets. On late nights we'd go dancing, and afterward venture to find a McDonalds to get our fast food fix.

It was such a perfect period in my life, minus missing my loved ones back home. Skype is a wonderful technology, and I adore its inventor. I hope to visit again soon, perhaps with the friends I made along my little journey. Those girls kept the homesickness at bay, kept the laughs coming, and kept a piece of my heart.


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