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hot for headbands

You all were exposed to my mad love for shoes in my grow up...literally post. Now I have another collection confession. Headbands. I started collecting a couple years ago, and always get a rush of excitement when I get to hang another one on my hooks. My hands turn into vicious claws at the mere sight of them, seizing every one in sight. No one stands a chance at the accessory section when I enter Anthropologie or my favorite local vintage shop, Blueberry Deluxe. I've slowed down...just a little, in order to save a pretty penny, and to not completely terrify innocent byshoppers with my headband animal instinct.

My sister was crafty enough to make a few of her own with pearls, feathers, and flowers. Seriously, they are adorable, along with all of her baubles she designs and brings to life. Thankfully, she passed her lovely hair pieces on to me, so I could have a few one-of-a-kinds in my collection.

Here are some favorites out of my collection...



  1. Hey! Bit behind here, BUT where is your shirt from where you are wearing the turquoise headband? Native American lookin'. Oooooh, what the hey.. Where did you get a bulk of those headbands?!

  2. Hi! The shirt is from Urban Outfitters. The headbands are from H&M, Anthropologie, and the last one is a creation of my sister's.


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