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Many things are possible, so I want to be as many things as possible. I want to get my hands dirty in whatever I please. I don't want to identify as a mere thing, as just one being. I could easily identify myself as a writer, as I have for all of my adolescence, trickling down to my childhood. How ho-hum. Not that I have a passion, or a love for writing simple letters in patterns that put together stories, poems, posts. But ho-hum on being stuck as just one thing. One side of me.

I want to delve into a plethora of possibilities without the dreadful thought of failure ever stepping into my mind. Although, I don't believe anything is a failure if it's something you believe in. Or something you create. Or a try at something new. So with this, I want to begin my twenty-third year. An age that is upon me oh so soon. An age I somewhat dreaded, until I realized just because I'm getting older, doesn't mean my spirit/drive/lust for life has to age with me.

I can still be that younger version of me, sitting on my tree swing, kicking my legs to go just a little bit higher. Every ambition was laid out in front of me and I grabbed each one without a fear in me, hoping to make them possible. I will continue to carry that attitude. My ambitions will still be laid out in front of me on pages of paper, awaiting simple check marks to signify complete. For now my boxes are a little empty, but I plan to fill them, taking on every day with an opportunistic appreciation for all the spontaneity life brings. Really, there are no confines.

First box to check:
☑ Write what you love/know/believe, and don't fear the eyes of others.

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