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Today, among all the junk mail, there was a treasure. Anthropologie's March catalog arrived just in time for the Spring season. The pages are filled with color and luscious green scenery. I must know where they snapped these photos, so I can add it to my list of places to explore. Oh! I found my answer on the back page. Jamaica, here I come...well, someday.

The latter pages of the catalog take us to a rustic farm house, filled with worn wood elements and unexpected pops of color. If only I could hop in and make myself a home in the pages. It looks like it would be in the middle of nowhere, granting a little precious solitude. I could use that right now.

All of these dreams I have conjured up in my head are due to a catalog. Pretty silly, but pretty inspiring. Although some are far-fetched for now, I do see something a little more realistic that I must get my paws on. Those giraffe candlesticks. To say I love giraffes would be an understatement. They are my absolute favorite critter on the planet, besides dogs of course. So, adding these little candle-holding joys to my apartment is absolutely necessary.

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