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I've come to appreciate the smaller things in life, and also the smaller things in my jewelry collection. Big, bulky statement pieces are fun every now and again, but I think everyone should have their go-to everyday items. Mine serve as daily reminders. Some remind me of what loved one gave them to me, or others remind me of special messages I want to carry with me in life.

One of my rings my mom passed on to me. My nana gave it to her as a gift on her 18th birthday. It feels extra special wearing a family heirloom everyday. My other ring is my own birthday gift from my mom, which I posted about in my birthday what i'm loving wednesday post. It was such a surprise to open that little box and find such a gorgeous ring inside. The yellow stone is a perfect reminder to stay happy. I refuse to take either off. I guess my mama is always with me.

While shopping at Free People the other day, I added two rings to my little collection. One with a starfish pendant, and the other with a shark tooth pendant. Both are very nautical, but still hold special meaning even though I am nowhere near a beach. I adore the sand, the sound of waves, and the sun tan achieved from a day by the ocean. I'm actually pretty terrified of going far into the water. I typically stay where it only reaches my knees. Jaws plays a big factor in this, along with my poor swimming skills. Despite these fears, I still love the beach and these rings remind me of spending time at my dad's house in Mexico.

Last, but not least, is my trinket around my neck. I purchased it at Divaz Boutique, where the designer of Enspire Jewelry sells her pieces. It's a gold necklace, with tiny Swarovski crystals, but the part that sold me is the simple message engraved in it, "Sono Vita." Italian for "celebrate life." What better message to carry around every day?


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