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The planet can use all the help it can get when it comes to being eco-friendly. Why not have fun with it? Add fun little details to your pad, while partaking in some fun arts-and-crafts. While I was perusing the Whole Living website, I stumbled upon some easy, cheap, and chic uses for things we dispose of so easily. Oh, and if you haven't surfed the site, I highly suggest checking it out if you want a little more peace, health, and happiness in your life.

Here are some of my favorites out of the bunch...

Supply Tins. We all keep mints in our purses or pockets for first kisses or important work interviews. Once you've run out, don't just toss that little metal tin. Use it to store bobby pins, paper clips, thumb tacks, etc. Look how cute this would be sitting on your desk or in your bathroom.

photo source
1. Trace the top of the tin onto leftover contact paper or cork sheets (found at craft stores) and cut out the pattern.
2. Use glue to affix the cover to the tin.
3. Label the top to indicate what's inside.
Cost: less than $10

T-Shirt Pillows. Sometimes we unfortunately grow out of our favorite t-shirts, but we don't want to part with them. You could let them clutter up your dresser, or you could turn them into pillows. However, when it comes to ex-boyfriend's comfy tee's, it's okay to donate!

photo source
1. Cut two identical squares of fabric from old T-shirts (one from the front and one from the back). 
2. Lay the squares on top of one another, exterior sides facing in. Sew the pieces together along three edges, leaving one edge unsewn. 
3. Turn the newly created "pillowcase" inside out and stuff with pillow filling (available at fabric stores, or from an old pillow you don't use). 
4. Sew the fourth edge of the square shut. 
Cost: about $3

Cork Trivets. I love sitting down in the evenings and enjoying a nice glass of wine, which is probably why I have an impressive cork collection. I put mine in mason jars for a little decorative touch, but now I want to try this DIY project. 

photo source
1. For a medium-sized trivet, collect at least 50 uniformly sized corks. 
2. Stand them upright and arrange them into a tight circle. 
3. Surround corks with an 8- to 10-inch metal hose clamp (sold in the plumbing section of the hardware store). 
4. Tighten the clamp to bind the corks together and then trim the excess clamp with metal clippers.  
Cost: about $3
(I think a ribbon wrapped around would be even prettier.)

Tiered Tray. I really like mismatched dishes, teacups, and saucers. Sounds a bit granny, but I like the cottage feel of colorful, patterned pieces that don't really match. Now I can combine all of these porcelain knick-knacks to make a dainty tray for jewelry, appetizers, or keys.

photo source
1. Gather three plates and two cups. 
2. Alternating between plates of descending size, using teacups as spacers between the tiers, glue the dishes together with a strong epoxy. To avoid using excess glue, apply only to the rim and bottom of the cup, rather than the plate. 
3. Allow the glue to dry overnight, then hand wash before using. 
Cost: about $2


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