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My girlfriends and I have been chit-chatting and throwing around ideas for a dinner party. I'm glad I have a group of gals that love to cook and entertain as much as I do. We hope to round up our boys and make them a feast. We will just have to test out that age old saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Besides whipping up some delicious dishes, the ambiance has to be right. No dinner party would be complete without a little fashionable decor at the table. The table should look just as appetizing as the food on our plates. Thankfully, there are tons of goodies to spruce up a patio table. I think these little bits of decor would be perfect for our Italian-themed dinner.

1. Calliope Multi Napkin by Crate & Barrel. A patterned napkin will serve as more than just a mess-cleaner.
2. Numerical Stoneware Plates by Target. Numbered plates will help you keep track of whose is whose.
3. Sunflower Pots by Target. Bright yellow flowers will be sure to put a smile on your guests' faces.
4. Wine Cork Candles by Target. Why not top off that bottle of wine with a little bit of light?
5. Glass Pedestal Stand & Dome by Pottery Barn. Show off those yummy desserts you baked in these dainty glass domes.
6. Antique-Silver Flatware by Pottery Barn. Love the vintage look of these utensils.

Now that there are some ideas for decorating, it's time to think up some menu items. Any ideas? There will surely be a post on the dishes we decide on.

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