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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Fullbars
So, I tend to overeat. Oops! It's hard to know when I'm actually full when I'm consuming something delicious. My tummy was getting a little big because of it. Thankfully, my mom told me about Fullbars. Eat the yummy bars 30 minutes before your meals with a glass of water. They expand in your stomach, causing you to eat less at mealtime. Score!

2. New bedding
Due to a recent mishap with my washer machine and white bedding, I had to purchase a new set. Let's just say, don't forget something lime green is in the washer. Urban Outfitters had the perfect duvet cover and shams to turn my frown upside down. Sweet dreams for me!

3. Nintendo 64
I don't care how nerdy I sound. I dusted off my Nintendo 64 and broke out my games. It may be old school, but all these new games and units are way too intimidating. I will stick with racing my DK on Mario Kart. Anyone care to race?

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