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As you know, I love spending time in the kitchen. Whether I'm baking a sweet treat or whipping up a dinner, I enjoy piling ingredients on the counter and seeing where they take me. One of my favorite stores is Williams-Sonoma. I can spend hours in there looking at all the kitchenware, recipe books, and delicious mixes. It's difficult to solely window shop with my tight budget, but a girl can dream. Here are some gadgets I wish cluttered up my cabinets and counters.
Zoku Quick Pop Maker. I love popsicles! They are the perfect, cool Summer treat. When I saw I could make my own frozen pop in seven minutes, I fell in love.

Gift Cakelet Pan. This cake pan makes dainty little present for any occasion, and they are edible. Even better! I bet frosting these little treats is so much fun.

KitchenAid Pasta Press Attachment. I could eat pasta like it's my job. Unfortunately, it's not the best thing for me. So, when I do cook up an Italian dish, I want it to be perfectly delectable. With this little gadget I can make my own noodles. Different flavors, shapes, and sizes! YUM!

Stuffed Hamburger Press. When I get cravings for something tasty, my mind drifts to a hunky cheeseburger. When I saw I could stuff my burger patty with whatever I want, I pretty much drooled.

Crustless Heart Sandwich Press. I don't mind eating crust. I love ever last bite of carbs I can get, but that changed when I saw this sweet cut-out. This will give my lunches a little heart.

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