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Working out has become a way of life. You read about my personal struggle with shedding some pounds in my "i used to be fat" post. Since then, I swore to stay healthy by leading an active lifestyle. I no longer dread hopping on the cardio equipment and am exploring new ways of exercise with dance classes and Bikram yoga.

Whether I'm running on the treadmill, shaking it in Zumba, or twisting myself into a pretzel, I still want to look good. I read somewhere that Kelly Osbourne, who is such a weight loss inspiration, wears a bit of makeup to the gym or a flattering workout outfit because it makes her feel good and pushes her to work harder. I think this is a great idea!

Lululemon has just the right gear for me to smile and feel confident through my workout. Their clothing is extremely comfortable and shows off the body you've been working towards. Here are some items I've been wantin'...

1. Hot Yoga Hobo. This bag is huge! It can hold everything from water bottles to large purses to shoes. It's perfect to tote around your gear.
2. Speed Short. Comfy for long runs! The comfy waist band holds your tummy in, but is super soft.
3. Astro Pant. Love the color block look!
4. Braided Headband. Stays on your head no matter what you're doing. Just what I need for yoga.
5. Scoop Neck Tank. This would be great for a Zumba class.
6. Running Cuff. Great for when I go on walks with Charlie and don't want to carry my mess of keys.
7. Deep V Bra. Flattering and practical!

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