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diy: tribal trotters

While browsing A Pair and a Spare, I stumbled upon these gorgeous, statement shoes. The black shoe looks cute and comfy as it is, but the beading gives it a colorful, tribal touch. How effortlessly cute does this gal look in them? I think some wooden bangles would look fabulous too!

What makes these shoes even better is that you can make them! Yep, here's to another DIY!

You'll need: Brown and red wooden beads, and black string. I like the look of these colored beads together, but there are tons of color combos that would look fab. Choose whatever your little heart desires.

What to do...

1. String the beads so that you have two red strings and two brown strings of beads for each shoe - about 15cm long each.

2. Then tie two of each color together, securing at each end with black string. Tie that string together in a bow at the back of the shoe. It will look you will have necklaces of brown and red beads for each shoe.

And then...Voila! The best part about these beaded add-ons is you can wear them with any shoes! You have an easy way to amp up your wardrobe.

[images courtesy of A Pair and a Spare]

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