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I've mentioned before in my "nuts for mutts" post that my dad lives in the beautiful San Carlos, Mexico. I haven't been out there in years due to work and school, so he always comes and visits me here. But I am happy to say that I just booked my flight out there for later this month. I'm so excited to spend time with my pops and have a mini vacation. I think some time away from the hustle and bustle will do me good.

Sitting on the beach with a nice book, a Mexican coke in hand, and my Beagle, Chloe by my side sounds perfect. Charlie will be so jealous, especially because she loves her grandpa and has never been to a beach. Maybe she can visit next time. Other then hanging out on the pretty beaches, my dad and I explore on his boat. We always eat at our favorite places. Jax Snax, Picollo's, Blackie's, Rosa's Cantina are just to name a few. My tummy is grumbling already. We go bowling, we play board games, and we have great talks. I hope the next few weeks fly by.
Chloe is a little spoiled.

Other than all we do, the place we stay in is really where it's at. My dad's house is beautiful. He's put so much love and hard work into it over the years. It's his pride and joy. I can't wait to see it in person because he's done so much to it. Here's where the lucky guy hangs out!
The view. 
Nestled in the trees.
Dinners and drinks out here are perfect.
Living room
Kitchen area
His room
One of the apartments

Oh and how could I forget one of our favorite hangouts, JJ's Taco Stand? JJ is a good friend of my dad's and he makes delicious tacos. Such a great guy! He's the one with his arms open wide!

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