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fallin' for fall

It's still in the hundreds here in Arizona, which means I'm still wearing my favorite cut-offs and I'm still wiping sweat from my brow. Sigh. While the autumn month of September is quickly approaching, there won't really be many signs of fall. The leaves don't change color or drift off the trees, but the weather eventually cools down to a lower temperature. It's one of my favorite times of year. The weather is perfect, the holidays are fun, and there seems to be this sense of crisp, new possibility in the air. It's when I  spend my days outdoors. It's also when I wiggle my toes in my boots, wear tights, and layer, layer, layer! There are a ton of more options I can do with my wardrobe.

I have the essentials, but I have been drooling over some pieces that are just itching to make their way into my closet...

1. Lil Ukita Satchel by Marc by Marc Jacobs
2. Bracelet by H&M
3. Two-Tone Sock by ASOS
4. Genteel V-Neck Tunic by Free People
5. Archduchess Platform by Faryl Robin
6. Scarf by Cooperative Status

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