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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Twitter...again
I had fallen off the Twitter train for awhile. It was hard managing a personal account and the blog's account, so now they are combined. Find me tweeting away here.

2. Fruits & Veggies
I was on an icky junk food kick for a little bit. Sure, it tasted good, but I felt sluggish and the scale wasn't happy when I stepped on it. Kickin' the burger and fries habit, I bought some yummy zucchini, lettuce, bananas, and berries. It tastes so much better, and makes me feel so much better.

3. Good Women Project
A friend recommended the website, Good Women Project. After checking it out, I was truly inspired! It's full of stories and advice for women of all ages. It's an amazing community of support and comfort. I even emailed a submission. Crossing my fingers it gets posted!

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