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me-hee-co pt. four

We took the jeep on a bumpy ride out to the estuary. For those who don´t know what an estuary is, it is an enclosed body of water that is connected to the ocean and a few fresh water streams. Dad unloaded the kayak because my weakling arms couldn´t do much lifting, although I tried. We hopped aboard and paddled through the peaceful body of water. There was a ton of lush greenery and a bunch of big birds. The weather was perfect because it was overcast and cool, due to last night´s storm.

After our little adventure I took a long nap. I think I have been missing precious hours of sleep back home because I have slept so much on this vacation. It was definitely time to play catch up. Dad made a yummy dinner consisting of slow-cooked ribs, shrimp, ripe avocado, and more perogies. For dessert we had cherry pie, while I caught up on some trends. Glamour is a perfect vacay read.

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