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I mentioned how I like to paint daily reminders for my life in my "on letting go" post. I think it's important to send out positive messages, especially the ones I hold close to my heart. I choose to send mine out through art. I've had an incomplete painting propped up on my easel for months and months. While I can't figure out what to add to it, its message stays the same. "Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil." I switched up the order of the proverb, due to the importance I give each meaning.

Speak no evil. I believe speaking well of others also speaks well of yourself. People are going to disappoint you, but spreading a harsh opinion isn't going to change them. They have their own karma coming to them with or without gossip. If you can't say anything positive, then don't say anything at all.

I also believe that speaking well of yourself is loving yourself. Speaking of yourself in a negative way will only grind that message into your mind and other people's minds. So stop telling your friends that your butts too big, you're under-qualified for a job, or that you're never going to get a date. Speak positively, and reap the positive.

Hear no evil. Not everyone follows lesson one. People are going to talk, and they will talk negatively. Just remember that the words they are saying are only reflections of themselves. Don't let their harsh words or opinions affect you. Just be you. If we listen to or believe every backstabbing thing someone says about us, we would be severely unhappy and think we'd have to change who we are. That's the mistake. Words are only words, so block out the harsh ones and let in the fabulous ones.

See no evil. It's impossible to be blind to the bad in life. Turn on the news, you see natural disasters. Drive down the road, you see homeless people. Open up your wallet, you see the downfall of the economy. I don't think this is saying to turn your back on the bad, I think it's meant to turn the bad into something good. Volunteer, donate, try your hardest to get that job. Get motivated. See evil as something you can change.

Looking back on this, perhaps the painting is finished. The message is simple, so maybe the painting should be too. While it might not be so simple to follow, it's worth trying in your every day life.

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