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fourth birthday

Today was Charlie's birthday...if you couldn't tell from all the Facebook statuses, tweets, Instagram photos, and  blog posts. My apologies. I am obsessed. It only comes once a year, so why not throw oodles of confetti all over every form of social media? A best friend is someone to be celebrated.

This morning she wanted to sleep in, as usual, but this mama wasn't about to let her waste her birthday in bed. I leashed her up, took her for a stroll in this lovely weather, and we opened presents. Then it was off to doggy day camp. They decorated just for her, and I even bought her an ice cream treat for snack time later in the day.

Leaving the spoiled princess behind, I headed up to my mom's to eat lunch and catch up on our lives. It's always nice to come home and get away from the hustle and bustle of Tempe. Mom showed me some cooking tips and then we feasted. Bruschetta, salad, fettucini, and chocolate cake, oh my! My belly was all smiles. She really is such an amazing cook, as well as an amazing person to talk to. She is always so motivating and supportive. Whenever I leave her house I have a new positive outlook to take with me, as well as some other goodies. I'm most excited about the camera tripod she lent me. Finally I can get some more photos up for you on my Canon, rather than stacking up books and other foreign objects to get the camera at just the right height.

When I picked up Charlie, they had brushed her mohawk up to it's full glory and sprayed her with some puppy perfume. Needless to say, she was looking fabulous. She's now passed out on the couch in the new shirt her abuela (my mom) gave her as a birthday gift.

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