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grilled cheese sammies

To say that I love cheese would be a severe understatement. I once ate a block of cheese with my best friend during one of our sleepovers. Yeah, pretty gross. I know. There's just something about the yummy stuff that makes me chow down on it.

When I saw that Woman's Day posted an article on the '10 Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwiches,' my eyes grew big, my mouth began to water, and replicating all ten of them in my kitchen seemed like a perfect idea...and the perfect way to gain ten pounds.

I definitely feel like getting creative with some sandwiches after looking at these photos...

[photos courtesy of Woman's Day; edited by me]


  1. Wow, these sandwiches do look awesome! I think I'd go with the portobello and cheese one ;).

    Hope you're having a fun weekend! ;D


  2. The portobello and cheese looks like a yummy choice!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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