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Having a friend that gets you and laughs along
 always helps when you act afool.
I love awkward moments, 
mostly when they happen to other people. That sounds awfully mean, but I can't help it if they make me giggle. That's probably why Brick Tamland from Anchorman cracks me up so much. Besides movies, I get a little tinge of excitement when anyone starts a tweet or a status with, "That awkward moment when..." That's when I know I'm in for something good. 

As much as I love getting a laugh from others, I sadly provide enough humor to my own life with my silly situations. Usually I am mortified, but lately I'm learning to laugh and embrace my awkward self. Life is a lot more fun when you can make fun of yourself.

I've noticed a pattern in my humiliating situations. They all seem to happen in front of a guy. Isn't that just my luck? Here are a few have happened in the past few weeks...

That awkward moment when...you're dressed up for a night out, kneeling at your doorstep, baby talking your pup into staying home alone when the cute neighbor walks by obviously concerned for your mental health. I won't be borrowing a cup of sugar anytime soon.

That awkward moment when...a bird flies past your windshield so you throw your hands up and scream, while the guy in the car next to you looks at you like you're a moron. Afterwards, he punches the gas to get away from the hazard on the road, meaning you.

That awkward moment when...you think one of the Best Buy employees is good lookin' and you creepily say "Hellooooo," thinking it was more of a whisper, until he looks up and quickly walks away, leaving you to figure out external hard drives on your own.

That awkward moment when...you're at sushi with your gal pal discussing Sex and the City, which causes a guy to look up from a nearby table and ask if you had said his name. For the rest of the dinner you and your friend randomly say, "Sex and the City" every few minutes just to see if he looks up again, while other diners think you should consider watching a different show.

That awkward moment when...you're strolling along and become eye-smitten with a cute guy walking his dog. That's when you walk smack into a parked car, causing its driver to get out and ask if you're okay. Sure, you just have a bruised body and a bruised ego.

What are moments you can look back and laugh on?


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