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DIY's are incredibly popular. For those who aren't so good with acronyms, like myself, that means Do It Yourself. I love that people share their ideas and creations, and out of it comes something entirely unique and one-of-a-kind. I also enjoy that they typically are budget-friendly. Now that's my kind of friend.

Typically DIY's are in the form of photos and typed out directions, or in the form of instructional videos. When I found Tiger in a Jar I was blown away. Wow! Little did I know that DIY's can be an art form in themselves. Matt and Julie, the couple behind the blog, create these beautiful videos that demonstrate recipes, crafts, and the little things in life. They are so simple in nature, but so mind-blowingly beautiful that it really reminds me to appreciate all of my surroundings.

Take a look at their videos here. Here is one of my favorites...


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