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national adoption weekend

This upcoming weekend (September 9th - 11th) is the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend! It will be held in all PetSmart stores around the country. What better time to find a little companion?

There are so many pups and kitties out there that need homes. So why not make a little critter's day by taking it home. You'll gain a new best friend and you will save a life. There's not much better than that.

While I didn't adopt my little Charlie (she was on sale for a couple months, and nobody would buy her), she has made me incredibly happy and a lot less lonely. She's one of the best things to have ever come into my life. Sure, she's a little nutty and definitely a little naughty, but she loves me unconditionally. I love her just the same.

Last National Adoption Weekend, there were 15,581 lives saved. That's incredible! I can't wait to have a bigger place so I can adopt a big ol' mutt.

Get more info on National Adoption Weekend here.

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