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As mentioned in my "what i'm lovin' wednesday" post, I've been increasingly more and more positive lately. I slap on a silly, ear-to-ear smile and take on the day. There's something about smiling that seems to make the bad things foggy, and the good things brighter. Maybe it's not the dimples on my cheeks that make life a little sweeter, but having the mindset that puts those little indents on my smiling face.

When I started this blog, I wanted to put only positive ideas and thoughts out into the world (learn a little more as to why I started this venture here). I wanted my writing to translate into my life, which it has. This little blogging journey has surprisingly turned into a life journey. I feel like I've gained strength, a dose of wisdom, and most importantly, happiness once I began practicing what I preached.

Sure, it's life. There are disappointments. It's discouraging learning I didn't get a job, my date didn't call, or my shoe size is sold out (Noooo!). Just recently, bullies have tried to make me doubt myself. Their words would usually knock me down. Thankfully, I'm comfortable enough with the person I am that I've learned to smile, brush it off, and say "buh-bye." There just isn't room for negativity. There is only room to be positive. I tell myself there is another job out there, that guy missed out, I probably couldn't afford that shoe anyway, and that bully has no place in my life.

So just try it out. Try being positive. Try happiness. Try smiling. Try killing with kindness. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Here are a few things that remind me to smile...

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