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As Halloween is quickly approaching, the time to do Halloween activities is coming to a close. While I have the eating candy part down, I still need to carve pumpkins and go to a haunted house. I have been watching scary movies, though. I've been really proud of myself because I can watch them and still go to sleep alone at night. It's a feat that I've never been able to do.

When I saw Jaws at a young age (thanks, dad) I believed my twin size bed was a boat and if I stepped off that bed then my legs would be ripped off by a blood-thirsty shark. I also believed that any pool of water, whether it be a bath tub or a pool, was unsafe. I definitely stayed away from the deep end at kiddie pool parties.

When I saw Alien (thanks, yet again, dad) I was sure that there was a little alien living inside everyone, just waiting to explode out of their chests. That scene still gives me the goosebumps.

When I saw Paranormal Activity (thanks again, dad) I couldn't sleep well for weeks. Someone had to be home and all the lights had to be on for me to even close my eyes. I was living with two roomies at the time and I would call them on weekend nights asking when they would be home from a night out. Looking back, it's a little embarrassing. 

When I saw Devil, Stephanie decided to mess with me and say there was someone in my closet. I clutched onto her for dear life just staring at my closet door. Then it opened! At that point we were screaming and she was clutching onto me too. We always forget that my little pup can open my closet with her nose. I bet that taught Steph not to mess with me!

Driving to Vegas one summer, Kristen and I were convinced that the mutant zombies from The Hills Have Eyes were going to slash our tires, kidnap us, and eat us. Every little shack we drove by I would press down on the gas, while Kristen came up with what was inside. Needless to say we had wild imaginations...and an even wilder time in Sin City.

As you can tell, scary movies give me paranoia, but they are also just so fun to watch. Maybe I grew up to the point I'm not that scared anymore, or perhaps there hasn't been a really good horror movie that's come out recently. Either way, I love curling up on the couch, hugging a blanket and Charlie, and screaming my head off.
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