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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Taylor Swift
I am beyond excited to see this lovely gal in concert on Friday. I've been tapping my feet and singing along to every song for quite some time. A big thank you to my mom for surprising me with tickets. Stephanie and I can not wait.

2. Lana del Rey
I have been itching for this songstress to finally release 'Video Games,' the song that I play over and over again on YouTube. It was finally available on iTunes this past week so I snagged it. The harp and that haunting voice are just too good, and with two remixes I won't get tired of it.

3. Silence
Whether I have a lot going on or no stress in sight, I still like to sit in silence and push out all my thoughts. It's a difficult process, but one my dad encourages. I'm beginning to see that I get more in touch with myself.

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