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Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with shaking my groove thing. My idea of dancing includes three necessary movements: swinging an imaginary lasso, the sprinkler, and magic feet. What's magic feet, you ask? It's kind of a mix between a shuffle and an Irish jig. I'm not sure what urged me to make up this fast-paced move, or what made me brand it with the name "magic feet," or what made me believe it was pretty darn cool. You can find me in a crowd pretty easily based on my spastic moves.

As fun as they are, sometimes they get me in trouble...hurt..or laughed at. Here are some of those moments...

I tried to look snazzy by dancing on a mini platform, only to pop my knee out and fall off. Even better is it was to that song "Bed Rock." I've now changed the lyrics to, "I can make your knee pop." That dance move landed me in physical therapy.

I wanted to learn how to "Dougie" so badly. This guy looked like he had it down, so I went up to him and tried to replicate his moves. It didn't take long for him to say, "You don't got it!" He then abruptly walked away. Ouch.

I was trying out some dance moves at a London club. I guess they were a little intense because a woman kindly pointed out that my skirt was tucked into the top of my tights. Everyone got a lovely view of my rear.

Sure, there are some embarrassing moments. I realize I won't ever be rhythmically coordinated, but what's that to stop me from havin' fun?
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