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I have always been one to follow my heart. It leads me. It makes my decisions, choices, and mistakes. Sure, my mind can banter on with its input. But ultimately, it's my heart that overrules. Perhaps it seems rather illogical, but I would rather follow a feeling than a thought.

Feelings seem to carry so much more weight. They can knock the wind out of you. They can plaster an internal smile to your guts. They can shake you awake. There comes a reassurance with trusting your heart.

I know I made decisions based on passion when it came to pursuing an education and a career. 

I know that I am the woman I am today because I wasn't afraid to feel, to love, to hurt. 

I know that I've built strong, unique friendships because I stayed true to myself. 

I know that I am in a healthy, happy relationship because my heart was ready to let the right one in. 

All of these certainties were built by believing in my heart. 
When you know, you know. 
So trust what it tells you.

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