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December is here! I am ready to take on the month with lots of smiles and cheer. Without a doubt, there always feels like there is some sort of magic in the air when this time of year hits. Maybe it's all the sparkly holiday decor or everyone's spirits. Whatever it is, I sure do love it.

Here are 31 things I love about the 31 days of this month...

1. Sipping hot Chocolate
2. Snuggling up in sweaters
3. Pondering, making, and purchasing gifts
4. The twinkly lights on a Christmas tree
5. Nibbling on Cranberry Bliss Bars
6. Driving to the snow
7. Baking tons of holiday treats
8. Zoo Lights
9. Charlie's Santa outfit
10. Finding the perfect New Year's dress
11. New Year's smooches
12. Quality time with friends and family
13. The special feeling in the air
14. Holing up in a cabin
15. Christmas movies
16. Mistletoe
17. Donating toys and clothes to little kiddos
18. Snowball fights
19. All the versions of "Santa Baby"
20. Making gingerbread houses
21. Essie's 'Turning Heads Red'
22. Ornaments
23. Fireplaces
24. Peppermint Mochas
25. Scribbling a wish list to Santa
26. Wrapping presents
27. Houses wrapped in Christmas lights
28. Stocking stuffers
29. Hot cider
30. Slippers
31. Apple Cinnamon candles
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  1. i love this list! I think i can agree to all of them! Yea for christmas!



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