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You are all aware of my obsession with my tiny girl, Charlie. She is the sweetest little furball around. Four years ago, I wasn't even planning on adding a critter to my life. That is until I met Charlie. I really had no clue about what sort of dog I wanted, but then I saw her face. We have been inseparable ever since she nibbled on my fingertips. I would pick the mischievous one.

She is a non-stop kissing machine, hops like a kangaroo, tilts her head when she's confused, picks fights with other girl pups, naturally grows a mohawk, sucks up any crumb left behind, bites the vacuum, hogs all the covers, and runs laps around the apartment. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I took her home, but I wouldn't have her any other way. She is my Chars, Char-Char, Charizard, Chargoyle, Charles.  She certainly has accumulated a lot of nicknames.

It might sound incredibly strange and entirely lame, but in our spare time, we really like to browse the web for silly videos and photos of other Jack Russells. I swear she stares at the screen in pure enjoyment. We've found a few giggle-worthy and heart-melting photos...

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