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the color run

Lately I have been wanting to try new things. I figure, why not experience something a little different? Life moves quickly. If you're not careful you'll miss it and all the things you could have tried. Thankfully, I have some amazing gals on board with me. They keep me company through the learning and the experiencing of new activities.

One activity we will be doing at the end of the month is The Color Run. It is a 5k that is more about fun, rather then speed and competition. Everyone wears white and at each kilometer they are sprayed with colorful paint (The paint is safe to eat and actually quite sweet!) At the end of the run you look like a splattered masterpiece. How fun and different is that? The best thing about it is that all proceeds go to the Banner Health Children's Hospital.

Here is where you can find a location and register. Gather some friends and do something out of the ordinary. Do something that supports a good cause.
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  1. This looks amazing! I might just have to sign up in my city

  2. How was your color run? I did it for the first time this year and had a blast :) <3 your blog!


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