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Every day is different. Some days are easier than others, while some carry something darker and heavier. When sticking to a set schedule, days might not come with different scenery, people, or tasks. But each one comes with different feelings. It's those feelings that can make you see things in a new light.

I read this on BLISSBOMBED and it gave me a sureness of life. I felt comfort in knowing that it's okay to feel certain emotions and think various thoughts. Just remember, that these days are yours. You take them how you want and you make them how you want.

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"There will be days where you wish you knew what you really wanted in your life, but you don’t.

There will be days where you wish the other person in your life stopped and listened to you, but they won’t.

There will be days when you will come to the end of your strength, and all that’s left to do is cry. The next thing is forgive yourself.

There will be days where someone says something really hurtful about someone you love or care for and it will derail that relationship.

There will be days where some movie reminds you of the you that used to laugh and be joyful and you will shed a silent tear.

There will be days where you wished someone loved you, and yet they don’t.

There will be days where the smallest gesture from your child or a stranger will carry you sailing through the day.

There will be days where the thought of falling in love with someone will be the furthest thing from your mind, and you will.

There will be days that hold a surprise that you never saw coming. And it will change everything.

There will be days where you thought a friend was a true friend and you come to find out they have less to give than you thought.

There will be days where a person with a totally different vantage point in life will become your new, and deeply wonderful, lifelong friend.

There will be days when love makes requests of you and demands more than you think you’ve got to give, and you’ll do so unconditionally.

There will be days where someone expects more quality time, and your quality time will be spent quietly with yourself.

There will be days when you finally get it, and realize the relationship is truly over. You will feel mixed emotions of relief and regret but the long term memory of the relationship will help you be a better and more loving person in the future.

There will be days when you see something like the internet, once a miracle of exciting opportunity, is just a window to other souls who are fragile, some flawed. You will come to realize this is not the single venue for your long-term growth, and you will have mixed emotions about this.

There will be days when you walk outside, see a hidden glimpse of beauty, a butterfly landing on a flower, a duckling trying to keep up with his family in the pond…and you will know your eyes were the only ones that ever saw that single act of beauty and you will be renewed.

Every life holds many days. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves.

These are YOUR days.

And how you chose to filter what happens in any given day is a choice you, and you alone, make.

You have that awesome power.
Enjoy this day."
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