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Transformation isn't easy. It takes little steps to break in the shoes of big ideas. And that's okay. It's beautiful because it's hard. It's greatly appreciated when big ideas aren't simply ideas anymore.

Everyone has their own transformations that they wish to go through. They want to come out on the other end as another person. A changed person. A stronger person. A happier person. A wiser person. A healthier person. A nicer person. There are so many persons that we can strive to be. Reaching the decision to become something else is easy for some, and difficult for the stubborn. It's our own choice in the end.

Don't take on too much at once. Dip your toes in. Toss it around in your head. Explore yourself, and your potential. Taking on a transformation, especially a personal one, is not something to pummel into with sheets to the wind. It's a process. It's growth. It's trial and error.


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