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Sometimes when I'm researching fitness on the web or through my books, I feel so lost when they throw in acronyms. I scratch my head and end up making up what they could stand for in my head. They end up completely wrong. Typical.

I made an acronym guide that is handy when embarking on a healthy and fit lifestyle. Check it out...

HRM (heart rate monitor): The monitor measures how fast your heart is beating.
BPM (beats per minute): Heart rate is measured in BPM, which helps you understand how hard you're working.
BMR (basal metabolic rate): How many calories your body uses each day to live and breathe.
RMR (resting metabolic rate): How many calories your body uses at rest.
RPE (rate of perceived exertion): How hard you push yourself.
HIIT: (high intensity interval training): Short, but intense workouts that alternate high intensity and low intensity. This is one I enjoy a lot. I like the mix-up of fast sprinting to speed walking. It really gets my heart rate up!

I hope this helps! There is so much to learn, and sometimes we just need a little help. Keep educating yourself and enjoying the knowledge you soak up from different resources.


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