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Be grateful. Look around and appreciate what surrounds you. It could be people: your best friend, you significant other, your mom, your dog. It could be monetary items: your Keurig, your Jeffrey Campbell boots, your Chi that keeps your hair under control. It could be moments: snuggled up on the couch with a good movie, looking up at the stars, a fit of laughter. Soak it all up. Appreciate it all. Be grateful that it has entered your life.

Act with love. Is there any other way to act? Open your heart. Open it to everything. Follow it. Let go of anger, spite, and negativity because they undermine your actions and affect your character. Act as you would hope others would act, which is with love and good feelings.

Check your motives. Think before you act. If there is any maliciousness behind your action, then don't commit it. Find positive influences for your actions, rather than aiming to belittle others. Underhanded moves in life do not go unseen. You'll be conscious of your choices, even if it's long before others are made aware of them. So live with a free conscious and with good intentions.

Watch your attitude. It's easy to get trapped in a mood or in negative mindset. One little thing goes wrong and it somehow affects your whole day, week, month, even year. Try not to let outside influences affect who you are and how you feel inside. Let the good outweigh the bad, and let your attitude reflect that. Be positive, happy, and optimistic.

Forgive. Shit happens. Pardon my French, but it does. You can either stay trapped in a grudge, or you can move forward. It doesn't mean you forget. It doesn't mean you are weak. It means you learned. It means you are that much stronger and bigger of a person. It means you took control of your life and chose to be happy and free of hurt cast upon you. Leave the past behind, even if it means people or circumstances are included. Make sure your anger is left behind too.


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