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what i'm lovin' wednesday

1. Hiking
Mama, Debbie, and I went hiking up Black Mountain this past weekend and it was so fun. They are such goofballs and are in awesome shape!
2. Locked up
Boyfriend got us a lock and locked it up on Love Locks Bridge in Cologne, Germany. He is such a romantic fellow.
3. Sick days
No one enjoys being sick, but sometimes it's nice to take a break from life and lay in bed. I'm glad I am better now, and that I got to season 3 of The Office.


  1. I love your tattoo on your leg SO much! Glad you're feeling better. New to your blog and love your posts and personal style! x

  2. I definitely need to look up places to hike around here!!

    Super random: Did you ever decide to sell those headbands on etsy?! I want one so bad, and can't find any like the ones you made anywhere!

    XO Lauren

  3. i'm interested in the polar watch. do you have to wear the strap under your shirt? is it annoying?


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